Renewals Audit Tool

IP renewals are a costly necessity, whether managed in-house and through your own agent network or through a specialist providers.  In both situations, you need to be sure that fees invoiced match the rates agreed with your suppliers.  

We have created an Excel app whose benefits include:
    •    Providing a quick and simple means of checking renewal invoices
    •    Ensuring you have the information you need from your suppliers to verify their invoices
    •    Allowing you to identify and address apparent discrepancies

Our app can be hosted securely on your own SharePoint or equivalent file sharing platform.  It allows you to input agreed local agent fees and other charges (such as FX mark-ups) and then check invoice items in seconds, calculating what the correct amount should be and showing you correct official fees and professional fees.

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Patent Plus

The Patent Plus program is a high impact results-based program that can deliver immediate and significant cost savings at no risk to your business. Our program will review your patent renewal spend with your current suppliers and identify opportunities for cost reduction. It will also equip and enable your team to better manage these suppliers moving forward. The program is delivered through a collaboration between procurement experts Positive Purchasing Ltd and together we combine best practice procurement category management with proven patent market and cost analysis expertise to create a winning solution with an exceptional return on investment. 

The Patent Plus program operates across two phases:
Phase 1: Diagnostic
Reviews your current situation and identifies the potential benefit opportunity for cost reduction and better patent renewal management in your organization.
Phase 2: Delivery
Should you decide to proceed with our recommendations, we will deliver these benefits into your organization and, where appropriate, establish new contracts with your providers.

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