May 2018

Charges are patently unfair, claim critics

The Times ran an exposé of the fees charged by CPA Global, saying that companies and entrepreneurs were being grossly overcharged and that the high fees were crippling innovation.

Peter Rouse was quoted in the article, saying

CPA's management has “consistently and covertly increased charges for patent and other IP renewals to grow and maintain inflated profits.

“Charges are presented to customers as a single figure and so increases in charges have been concealed.”

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September 2017

CPA Global Litigation

This website has been set up to investigate alleged overcharging by CPA Global and to help current and former CPA Global clients to pursue legal proceedings to recover unauthorised charges for patent annuity payment services. Patent Annuity Costs Limited is involved with the investigation.

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Press Release about CPA Global Investigation

A press release was put out regarding the investigation against CPA Global, headed up by Kobre & Kim and Baker & Partners with litigation finance company Bentham IMF, as well as with Peter Rouse. This was syndicated on various platforms.

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Law firm wants to bring Bentham-funded ‘class action’ in Channel Islands

Article discussing the CPA Global investigation, noting that it replicate the advantages of a class action in a jurisdiction where mass litigation doesn't exist.

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August 2017

Cutting out expensive law firms - TTOs looking to deal directly with patent annuity management firms

Peter Rouse is featured in Technology Transfer Tactics, the world’s most widely read and respected independent publication for tech transfer professionals. The article is a discussion of how technology transfer offices (TTOs) can work directly with patent annuity management providers in order to save money, rather than using law firms which charge high prices. Peter Rouse is quoted in the article and has also written the extensive box-out discussing the lawsuit against CPA Global and the opacity of the patent annuity renewal sector.

Peter says:

“More commonly many law firms are willingly offloading [annuity payments] — the risks are enormous" 

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May 2017

Every Relationship Matters

Peter Rouse was interviewed by Ari Kaplan about his book, Every Relationship Matters, and discussed the impact of technology on the market. 

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